Centre for Sustainable Building

The Centre of Sustainable Building unites competences of the TUM in the field of energy efficient and sustainable design and building, especially from the faculties of Architecture, Civil, Geo and Environmentable Engineering and the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology. The participating institutes are:

Building Physics

Civil, Geo and Environmental Engineering

Renewable and Sustainable
Energy Systems

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Energy Efficient and Sustainable
Design and Building

Architecture |
Civil, Geo and Environmental Engineering

Beyond the accumulation of competencies, the Centre provides the basis for comprehensive scientific exchange between faculties and departmental chairs and the TUM and other international universities.

The Centre’s work aims at adjusting traditional buildings, using more than half of the total energy consumption, to ecologically progressive and energy efficient solutions.
The Centre’s activities range from fundamental research to practical application. The coordination of the Centre is assumed by the Institute of Energy Efficient and Stustainable Design and Building, founded at the same time under the lead of
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Werner Lang.
The holder of the endowed chair is also director of the new
Oskar von Miller Forum founded by the Bavarian Construction Industry Association in Munich, providing a platform for interdisciplinary intellectual exchange between civil engineers.

In terms of organization and content, the Centre is embedded in the Munich School of Engineering (MSE). The MSE is an inter-faculty platform, combining competences arising from the wide ranging portfolio of disciplines of the TUM, and harnessing them to solve complex interdisciplinary challenges. One of the four main research topics of the MSE is energy efficient building. This focus is united here at the Centre for Sustainable Building.

The Centre for Sustainable Building supported by the Zentrum für Umweltbewusstes Bauen (ZUB).