TUM.Energy and mobility concepts

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TUM.Energy and mobility concepts is working on future mobility concepts, where innovative approaches, such as the DART concept, are disseminated for local use cases in Germany. Mobility today is being disrupted by the so-called three revolutions: electric, shared and autonomous. The interdisciplinary nature of MSE places it ideally in the intersection of these three areas, as the collaborating chairs (Chair for Renewable and Sustainable Energy Systems, Chair of Traffic Engineering and Control, Chair of Transportation Systems Engineering) have established complementary expertise in these fields.

Interdisciplinary Collaboration Partner

TUM.Energy and mobility concepts work through interdisciplinary collaboration of energy and mobility to bringing sustainable future mobility.


Chair of Renewable and Sustainable Energy Systems, Prof. Hamacher

Chair of Traffic Engineering and Control, Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klaus Bogenberger

Chair of Transportation Systems Engineering, Prof. Dr. Constantinos Antoniou