Master´s Program Industrial Biotechnology

Welcome to the website of the Master´s Program Industrial Biotechnology (IBT)! On the following pages you can find information on study program structure, where the individual milestones on the way towards your master´s degree are described. In Curriculum you can find a detailed list of all modules, and in downloads all documents relevant for this study program are available, for example forms, timetables, statutes or course documentation (in german).

Semester orientation event

The presentation for the semester orientation event can be found here: Part1 Part2. If you have any questions regarding the presentation and the start of your studies, please send them to Further questions can be sent to us by e-mail or by calling 089/289 52706.

What is this course about?

The industrial biotechnology uses enzymes, microorganisms or cells as biocatalysts for the industrial material production. Special chemicals, accurate chemicals, agroceutical products, pharmaceutical products and aiding materials for the manufacturing industry are as well part of the products as increasingly high volume chemical products, materials and fuels. The industrial biotechnology uses herefor renewable resources to transform them with the help of biological Systems part by part in valueable chemical products. As an highly interdisciplinary subject the industrial biotechnology uses on the one hand bioscience (Molecular biology, biochemistry, microbiologic and bioinformatics) to achieve new biocatalysts. On the other hand it needs especially the methods of the (bio-)engineering and technical chemistry, to max out technically the potential of the new designed biocatalysts and to reach new and sustainable production steps on an industrial scale. Therefore the industrial biotechnology is considered as the technology of the future in the third millennium and an outstanding importance have been attached to it especially for the european economy.

Industrial Biotechnology - and beyond?

Many diverse working perspectives in science and development (from genetic to industrial processes), production, plant and device manufactoring as well as in consulting and management will be created by graduating in this field. Possible fields of activity will be biotechnological companies and the chemical industry but also the pharmaceutical industry, plant and device manufacturing and the environmental technology sector. The masters program industiral biotechnology at the TUM is a precursor in europe and enables best qualification possibilities for this labor market.