Master´s Program Human Factors Engineering

Welcome to the website of the Master´s Program Ergonomics - Human Factors Engineering (HFE)! On the following pages you can find information on program structure, where the individual milestones on your way towards the Master´s Degree are described. Under curriculum you can find a detailed list of all modules, and under downloads all documents relevant for this study program are available, for example  forms, statutes or course documentation (in german).

Semester orientation event

The presentation for the semester orientation event can be found here: Part1  Part2. If you have any questions regarding the presentation and the start of your studies, please send them to Further questions can be sent to us by e-mail or by calling 089/289 52706.

Qualification Profile

During the Study Program Ergonomics - Human Factors Engineering, students are trained to become experts with regard to conception, implementation and evaluation of human-machine interaction concepts in the fields of automotive, aerospace, sports equipment, production and software. At the end of their training, graduates are able to use various interaction principles and interaction technologies in a targeted manner, to design automation levels in a targeted manner and to plan, carry out and evaluate the associated hedging experiments (usability, controllability) hypotheses. They are able to assess and discuss the risks, possible side effects and, above all, the social effects of different interaction concepts and products, are able to, in cooperation with other disciplines, plan and carry out needs analyses and carry out appropriate target processes. Furthermore, these students are able to understand the importance of adaptive, cooperative and automated concepts for mobility, production / work processes and leisure activities. They have a broad, detailed, technological, methodological and social scientific understanding. They know the state of the art on an international level and are able to develop solutions in an international context. At the end of their study program, they are able to analyze man-machine systems analytically and to synthesize solutions for existing usage problems or innovative technologies and to discuss their social consequences.

Involved Institutes

Chair of Ergonomics

The Chair of Ergonomics (Prof. Dr. phil. Klaus Bengler) at the Institute of Production Engineering focuses on the design and evaluation of man-machine interactions and the anthropometric interpretation of technical systems. The safety, usability and user satisfaction as well as the acceptance in all usage scenarios play an important role here.

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Professorship of Sports Equipment and Materials

The Professorship of Sports Equipment and Materials combines the fields of sports and technology. Therefore, it's research and teaching is based on both engineering and sport- and health sciences. The main goals of the Professorship are...

  1. the optimization of sports equipment and sportswear for better performance, less injuries and more safety in sports and leisure time,
  2. the investigation of the interaction between user, sports equipment and the environment (e.g., sports shoe - underground)
  3. as well as the development and validation of new sports materials and sports information systems.

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