Research Internship

A research internship gives an opportunity to observe and take part in exciting research projects at TUM.

The voluntary research internship (FP - Forschungspraktikum) is part of Munich School of Engineering's offer in cooperation with professors and researchers from all participating chairs in MSE's study program.

During a 4-month-long internship to be completed within the first four academic semesters, students of the Bachelor's Program Engineering Science have the opportunity to gain insight into specific current research fields at TUM under the guidance of research assistents.

The research internship (FP) consists of a range of tasks from directly assisting in research to learning how to correctly cite and write academic papers. Interest in academic work in the chosen area of research is a logical prerequisite. The FP (4 ECTS) can be counted as a part of the credit requirement Introduction to Scientific Research (6 ECTS).

Detailed information on the FP are available here:

Current placements for research internships

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Please note

Practical internships at the department of mechanical engineering (MW) cannot be recognized as MSE research internships. MW internships are modules aimed at introducing students to practical work skills (e.g. experimental work, handling specific software etc.) to expand their competencies. They are however not oriented toward research and scientific tasks, and focus instead on practical engineering skills that do not fulfil the requirement of an MSE research internship.

Of course practical internships are open to MSE students who would like to otherwise integrate them as part of their course work within the Bachelor's Program.