Program Structure

The Engineering Science study program consists of the following:

Required modules in the 1st to 4th semester

The required modules in the first four semesters comprise a total of 129 ECTS. They provide a broad-based, method-oriented education in the general engineering sciences, the natural sciences, mathematics and computer science.

Elective Modules 1 "Specialization" in the 5th and 6th semester

The elective modules 1 "Specialization" cover 25 ECTS. In total 10 modules are offered with 5 ECTS each, From which students are free to choose any five modules individually. These modules provide an in-depth development of a general engineering profile.

Elective Modules 2 "Focusing" in the 5th and 6th semester

A special part of the study program are the modules from the elective modules 2 "Focusing". Here, students can develop their own individual curriculum to the extent of at least 28 ECTS. A number of sample curricula are offered as guidelines in the document "Vorschläge Mustercurricula für die Fokussierungsphase". These sample curricula are specially designed to ensure compatibility with different master's programs at TUM.

More information can be found under "Anschluss in M.Sc"

Credit Requirements in the 1st to 6th semester

A Total of 16 ECTS have to be obtained in the credit requirements that comprise the following five mandatory modules as regulated in the FPSO:

Principles of Entrepreneurship (WI100809)

The workshop is offered as a block in the winter and the summer to students of the first two academic semesters. The number of seats is limited so please make sure you consult TUMonline to sign up and check on sign-up deadlines.

Technology and Democracy (MCTS9003)

The lecture is offered in the winter by the Munich Center for Technology in Society (MCTS).

Introduction to Scientific Research (SE0004)

This module (SE0004, 6 ECTS) enhances students' academic skills. To fulfil the credit requirement of Introduction to Scientific Research courses can be chosen freely from different departments both at TUM and other universities.

Part of the module can be completed as a voluntary research internship (4 ECTS) in cooperation with the participating academic departments and chairs of MSE.

A list of suggested courses for the credit requirement module "Introduction to Scientific Research" is provided here for your convenience.

A course must contain at least 2 ECTS credits. It is not possible to combine 1 + 1 ECTS credits. Please contact the academic programs office if you have any questions (e.g. your chosen course is not part of the list of suggestions).

"Soft Skills" Module (SE0006)

This module (SE0006, 2 w.h./s, 2 ECTS) strengthens transferable skills for learning and working, thereby complementing technical skills. A combination of different courses can be selected both from TUM as well as from another universities. The module aims at strengthening the following competencies:

Competencies/ ExamplesAbilities & Skills/ Examples
Communication skillsPresentation skills, impression management
Management skillsProject and time management, stress management
Economic science expertiseEffective learning, effective reading, lecturing, reporting and presenting
Social and cultural skillsIntercultural communication, conflict resolution
Social skillsCommunicating information to the public

The current catalogue of suggestions for the module "Soft Skills" is offered for guidance. A course must contain at least 2 ECTS credits. It is not possible to combine 1 + 1 ECTS. Language courses - with the exception of those included in the suggestion catalogue - are not accepted as soft skills at the MSE. Please contact the acadamic program office if you have any questions (e.g. if your chosen course is not on the list of suggestions).


"World of Engineering Science" Module (SE0007)

The "World of Engineering Science" module (SE0007, 2 ECTS) gives students the opportunity to find out about potential areas of work and career paths in engineering science at an early stage of their studies. In order to fulfil the course requirement students can either

The exact requirements that must be met to receive 2 ECTS for this credit requirement can be found in the guidelines for the essay of the module “World of Engineering Science".

Please contact the academic programs office if you are interested to integrate external lectures into the course work.

Bachelor's Thesis

The Bachelor's Thesis, comprising 12 ECTS, is both the final thesis of the study program and the student's first independent scientific work on a specialized topic. It is supervised and assessed by university lecturers.

More information can be found at "Formulare and Leitfäden".

Participating Departments

Chairs and subject areas from a total of eight academic departments at TUM are involved in the Engineering Science Bachelor’s Program, offering a syllabus specifically designed for this study program:

Subsequent Master’s Programs

With the help of an individually developed curriculum, and the oportunities for specialization and focusing, students are well prepared for enrollment in a variety of master's programs at TUM. Further information about the preparation for the respective master's programs can be found in the document "Mustercurricula für die Fokussierungsphase" in the downloads section.

Department of Architecture

Department of Chemistry

Chemieingenieurwesen (only in german)

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Department of Aerospace and Geodesy

Department of Physics

Munich Center for Technology in Society

TUM School of Education

TUM School of Management

School of Life Sciences Weihenstephan