Research Projects at MSE

In addition to the research centers, scientists of various disciplines work together in different research projects. They collaborate on the initiative TUM.Energy to examine key issues relating to energy supply and energy use.

Research projects at MSE aim to pursue broad objectives:

  • Research and development of flexible power plants
  • Advance development of organic photovoltaics
  • Development of energy efficient and smart cities
  • Control of renewable energy systems
  • Optimization of energy storage and grid stability
  • Research on geothermal energy

Different major research projects and junior research groups are engaged in investigating these topics. Young researchers in doctoral programs also support the work of MSE with a doctorate.

Research Projects

The research projects run for fixed periods and address issues within the MSE spectrum of topics. They are organized on a cross-functional basis.

Energy Valley Bavaria

Close-up of a test facility for making synthetic natural gas from biomass
Within “Energy Valley Bavaria”, research is carried out into various aspects of the energy turnaround. (Picture: Andreas Heddergott/TUM)

Energy Valley Bavaria develops research approaches on flexible power plants, renewable energies and intelligent energy supply within its two subprojects and three Junior Research Groups.


Maintenance of a battery block on the inside of the energy storage unit “Energy Neighbor”
Decentralized, stationary energy storage units can compensate for fluctuations in power supply. (Picture: Andreas Heddergott/TUM)

Research into decentralized energy storage in the EEBatt Project aims to achieve efficient use of renewable energies and guarantee grid stability­­­­­­­­.

Geothermal Alliance Bavaria

Discovering the possibilities of geothermal energy (picture: H. Angers Söhne Bohr- und Brunnenbaugesellschaft mbH)

The use of geothermal energy has increased significantly in recent years, leading to greater demand for research in this area. This collaborative project brings together and extends research into geothermal energy at TUM, at Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg (FAU) and University of Bayreuth. The joint master's program in geothermal energy/geoenergy will provide the appropriate skills for would-be specialists.


The ICER cooperation project between TUM and NTU Singapore shall form the fundament for a research platform that can meet the challenges of changing the power supply towards a sustainable energy system.


MSE offers opportunities for doctorates, in particular on interdisciplinary topics in the field of energy research­­­­. Graduates of universities for applied sciences have the opportunity to take up a doctorate within the TUM Applied Technology Forum.