studium MINT: the orientation semester

Insights into the study programs of Mathematics, Informatics, the Natural Sciences and Technology – all that is provided by studium MINT. This orientation semester addresses everyone who is interested in studying at TUM but at the same time wants to find out which academic discipline is the most suitable for him or her. studium MINT is offered each Summer Semester.

During the program, all participants are enrolled at TUM. In the Summer Semester, they get to know the university, its different locations and everyday university life. studium MINT supports them in choosing the Bachelor´s Program most suitable for them – so that they can start their regular courses directly in the subsequent Winter Semester at TUM.

How does studium MINT work?

An overview: studium MINT consists of five modules in which participants are guided by lecturers, tutors and experienced students.

Basic Module

In the basic module, mathematical and natural sciences are taught to prepare the participants for  successfully commencing a course of studies in a MINT subject.

Navigation Module

For orientation, lectures and exercises from many different courses of study are part of the program. Students meet teachers and learners, explore laboratories and participate in excursions.

Softskill Module

Learning strategies and more: TUM teaches basic craftsmanship that makes everyday life easier for students. Students can choose their own events.

Project Module

Knowledge obtained from the other modules is applied interdisciplinarily in specific projects. In group tasks, the expertise of various academic disciplines is applied practically and combined creatively.

Perspectives Module

Graduates as well as representatives from the industrial sector provide an outlook on professional fields and possible areas of research.


The prerequisites for participation are the timely submission of the complete application documents as well as an university entrance qualification. studium MINT adresses first-year students and thus participation is not possible for students in higher semesters or persons who have already obtained a university degree.

Application Deadlines

The application period for studium MINT in the Summer Semester 2020 will start 15.11.2019 and be closed 15.01.2020. To apply, please use the Campus-Management-System TUMonline.