Master´s Program Materials Science and Engineering

The need for excellent, interdisciplinary trained individuals with broad expertise in materials science, modeling and probabilistics is growing continuously. For this reason the Master's Program Materials Science and Engineering (MS&E) will be offered at the Munich School of Engineering (MSE) starting winter semester 2017/18.

The study program consisting of a total of 120 ECTS-points is strongly oriented towards a future career in (materials science) research. Students are encouraged to choose an individual course program in relation to their particular interest out of a wide range of modules. The study program is accompanied by a mentoring program. In the following, information about the program structure (course documentation in german), the application periods, the prerequisites and suitability procedures as well as the application documents to be submitted are available for all prospective students.

Before starting the Master's Program Materials Science and Engineering it is recommended that students who do not have previous Matlab knowledge to take part in the following course: link to Matlab course. Matlab will be used in some of the mandatory courses (e.g. Physics of Fluids, Probability Theory and Uncertainty Quantification).

Information event for the study course

Prospective students are invited to learn more about the organization of the program and the application process during the upcoming information event.

Unfortunately, the event is postponed due to the corona-crisis. If possible, it will take place at a later date before the end of the application period. A date will be announced here. If you have questions, please send an email to

Vertices and Aims of the Program

  • research-oriented, interdisciplinary engineering education with focus on materials sciences
  • emphasise on probabilistic aspects of materials and materials research, multiscale and multiphysical modeling
  • fusion of processes and systems with fundamental engineering disciplines as a basis for prediction using mathematical models and numerical modeling and simulation methods
  • probabilistic point of view, predictive science, uncertainty quantification

Program Structure

During the first and second semester, the compulsory modules which are offered exclusively in English, will provide all students, regardless of their future deepening, a basis for materials science, multiscale models, numerical methods, nonlinear fluid and solid state mechanics as well as uncertainty quantification. semester

Starting in the second semester, students have the possibility to elect one of the four specializations

  • Multiscale Material Principles
  • Materials in Engineering Applications
  • Uncertainty Quantification and Mathematical Modeling und
  • Material Characterization, Testing and Surveillance

 for which sample curricula are offered.

The Advanced Research Internship in the third semester, which can be completed at international partner institutions, is another special feature of the program.

The successful completion of the master's program offers graduates a seamless transition to PhD education, especially at research facilities and universities.

Application Period

The application period for winter semester extends from April 1st - May 31st. Start is only scheduled for winter semester.

After completion the online application, you will receive a list of the requested documents. Here you can see, among other things, whether these documents are relevant for admission or for enrollment.

Submit your signed application form and all documents relevant for admission until the end of the  application period

Documents relevant for enrollment have to be submitted before August 15th.

If some documents relevant to enrollment are missing until then, they can be submitted 5 weeks after the lectures begin. You will only be enrolled once all documents are submitted.


As a prerequisite for applying for the Master´s Program Materials Science and Engineering, the following is necessary:

  • a bachelor's degree of at least six semesters, obtained at a German or foreign university or a degree of at least equal value in Engineering Science, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering or comparable study programs, e.g. Physics or Materials Science.
  • sufficient knowledge of German (B2) and English. Information about the accepted certificates and the requiered level can be found here.
  • upon receipt of a reasoned request, students who have earned at least 140 credits in one of the above-mentioned bachelor’s programs, may be accepted to the master’s program. Proof of graduation with a bachelor’s degree or a corresponding proof must be furnished within five weeks after the start of the lectures of the master’s program.
  • Applicants with a Degree from Bangladesh, China, India, Iran, or Pakistan will have to submit a GRE (General) Test to the Technische Universität München, with the Institute Code 7806, and Department 5199. The requiered scores are:
    • Verbal reasoning: (will not be taken into account)
    • Quantitative reasoning: 157
    • Analytical writing: 3,0
    • Alternatively, students can submit a score card of the Indian GATE test with the minimal qualifying score of the respective year.

Aptitude Assessment

A two-stage assessment test procedure is used to decide on admission to the Materials Science and Engineering program. The application for admission must be submitted online during the application periods. Detailed information on the application can be found under application documents.

Note: Information on details of the procedure can be found in the FPSO.

Stage One

In the first stage of the assessment test procedure, an assessment is carried out on the basis of the following criteria

  • Average grade of bachelor's degree or performance certificate
  • Technical qualifications
  • Letter of motivation

Candidates with a remarkable application can be admitted immediately, others will be rejected. In cases where the result is not a clear-cut at the first stage, candidates go through a second stage of assessment tests.

Stage Two

In the second stage of the assessment test procedure, applicants are invited for an interview. The average grade of the bachelor's degree, the qualification, as well as the result of the interview, determine the final suitability of the applicant.

Dates for admittance and interview

Applicants will be informed about whether they are admitted, invited for the interview or rejected after receipt of the complete application documents including the printed and signed application form. The interviews take place in June, July or August. The invitation for the interview will be sent by e-mail.

Application Documents

These documents have to be submitted timely:

  • Application for admission
  • Bachelor's degree or certificate with at least 140 ECTS (certified copy)
  • The form, wherein the applicant has listed the credits and grades of the already accomplished modules
  • ID card (copy)
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Current photo
  • Letter of Motivation (the document is to be written in English. The reason for chosing the study program must be made clear on a maximum of one DIN A4 page and is to be prepared independently and without the help of others. Ideas taken from other sources are to be characterized as such.)
  • Summary of the Bachelor's Thesis or a similar course work of at least 8 Credits with the description of content, methods and (expected) results (the document is to be written in English,  maximum of one DIN A4 page and is to be prepared independently and without the help of others. Ideas taken from other sources are to be characterized as such.)
  • Insurance certificate
  • Applicants with foreign university entrance qualification have to submit a language certificate (German as well as English)
  • Applicants with a Degree from Bangladesh, China, India, Iran, or Pakistan will have to submit a GRE (General) Test (please refer to requierments)

Please make sure that you supplement your online data with hard copy documents after admission into the Master course (in particular the signed application form and the certified copies of your diploma and transcript of records).

For further information concerning applying for TUM Master´s Courses see here.