Bachelor´s Program Engineering Science

The demand for interdisciplinary engineers with a broad methodological and scientific basic education in the classical fields of engineering science is growing steadily. In 2010, TUM - as one of the first universities in Germany - has reacted to this need by establishing the Bachelor´s Program Engineering Science.

This should be of particular interest to those who wish to enter the engineering profession at the interfaces of traditional engineering and scientific disciplines. Students who graduate with a degree from the Engineering Science Bachelor’s Program have the option to continue their studies either at TUM or any other university. This study program is aimed particularly at technically and scientifically gifted high school graduates and individuals who have the necessary qualifications for university admission. The program comprises 210 ECTS points and includes a mentoring program right from the start. The following pages provide you with information on application deadlines, prerequisites for studying, and our suitability assessment, as well as a list of the application documents that need to be submitted.

Application Deadlines

  • Application period for Winter Semester (WS): May 15th - July 15th
  • Application period for Summer Semester (SS): November 15th - January 15th (Only applications for higher semesters are possible in the summer period!)

After completion of the online application, you will receive a list of the requested documents in TUMonline. Here you can see, among other things, whether these documents are relevant for admission or for enrollment.

Submit your signed application form and all documents relevant for admission until the end of the  application period. If certain individual documents are not available up to this time, you can submit them by August 15th for Winter Semester or until February 15th for Summer Semester respectively.

All documents relevant for enrollment have to be submitted until September 15th for Winter Semester or until March 15th for Summer Semester respectively. If certain individual documents relevant for enrollment are not available at this time, you have to submit these until 5 weeks after the lecture-period has started. Please be aware that you will not be enrolled until all relevant documents are submitted.

Here you can start the application process and find further information: Online Application at TUM.


In the first four semesters, the Engineering Science Bachelor’s Program offers challenging courses at university level, primarily in the subjects of mathematics, physics, chemistry, computer science and electrical engineering. This requires excellent knowledge of mathematics, physics and chemistry at an advanced level. In addition, an above-average interest in, and aptitude for, science-related issues are expected. The technical specialization involved in this program extends far beyond the requirements of general engineering science programs. The knowledge imparted in the first four semesters forms the basis for a substantial deepening and focusing in the fifth and sixth semesters. An individual and interdisciplinary approach ensures that students receive the optimum preparation for a wide range of professional occupations.

The particularly substantive nature of the program makes it is necessary to test the aptitude of every applicant in advance in a special assessment test procedure. In addition to a solid grounding in mathematics, physics and chemistry, applicants must also display an ability to think analytically, show a clear understanding of abstract, logical and system-oriented issues and show their willingness to persevere.

Personal Checklist:

  • Can I maintain a long-term enthusiasm for science in general and for a wide range of engineering activities?
  • Am I interested in research and development activities in the area of engineering science and in thematically interlinked application problems?
  • Do I have the perseverance to complete a challenging bachelor’s program that, comprising 210 ECTS credits, is more comprehensive than standard study programs?
  • Do my strengths include (a) an ability to think analytically, (b) resourcefulness and (c) an understanding of abstract, logical and system-oriented issues?
  • Can I express myself precisely, communicate confidently and understand specialized texts in the two languages of instruction (German and English)?
  • Do I want to study in a well-equipped environment, develop myself personally and professionally and, in doing so, ensure that I have the best possible prospects for the future?

If the answer to these and similar questions is mostly YES, then you bring along all the necessary personal interests and aptitudes for the Engineering Science Bachelor’s Program at the Munich School of Engineering at TUM.

Aptitude Assessment Tests

Admission to the Engineering Science study program is regulated by a two-stage assessment test procedure ("Eignungsfeststellungsverfahren" or EFV).

  • Information on assessment can be found in the "Satzung über die Eignungsfeststellung", available in Downloads.

First Stage of EFV

In the first stage of the aptitude assessment procedure (EFV), the applicants' aptitude is assessed using the following criteria

  • Average grade of the university entrance qualification (usually the Abitur, the German secondary school leaving examination)
  • Grades in specific topics
  • Extracurricular/additional qualifications

Candidates with very good to good results and one natural science at advanced level are admitted immediately; individuals with average to bad results are turned down. In cases where the result is not clear-cut at the first stage, candidates are invited to a second round of assessment test.

Second Stage of EFV

In the second stage of the aptitude assessment procedure, applicants are invited to a 20-minute interview (in German and/or English). Both the average grade of the university entrance qualification and the result of the interview determine the applicant’s ultimate suitability.

Dates for admittance and assessment tests

  • Applicants with a German university entrance qualification are informed, once complete application documents including a printed and signed application form have been received, (1) about their admission after the pre-selection process (i.e. the first stage of the assesment tests (EFV stage I)), or (2) whether they must enter the second phase of the application process (EFV stage II).
  • Applicants with a foreign university entrance qualification receive, in the event of a successful application (EFV stage I), - once complete application documents including a printed and signed application form have been received - an invitation to an interview at the MSE (EFV stage II) and in the case of a negative outcome a rejection.
  • Usually, interviews are scheduled from the end of July to the beginning of September for the Winter Semester and in March for the Summer Semester. Applicants reveice invitations for the interviews after the end of the application period via email, once complete application documents have been received. Interview results will be communicated on the next day at the very latest.
  • As soon as dates have been set for the assessment tests, they will be communicated on this page

Application Documents

These documents must be submitted on time:

  • Application for admission
  • Proof of university entrance qualification
  • ID card (copy)
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Current photo
  • Insurance certificate
  • Letter of motivation: The text can be written in German or English and must not exceed two A4 pages. You must compose the letter yourself, with any ideas from other sources credited as such.

Please make sure that you supplement your online data with hard copy documents. Even if you are accepted immediately (at the first stage), you still have to send an application for admission and the required documents (including the motivation letter and the CV) by postal service to reach TUM by the specified deadline.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to apply for a bachelor's degree at TUM.

Here you can find further general information concerning the application process.

Applicants with a foreign university entrance qualification

For foreign applicants, the following documents are required in addition to the ones mentioned above (and also have to be submitted timely):

  • Prior validation of documents (for information concerning recognition process see uni-assist)
  • Proof of successful pass in Descriptive Geometry (for applicants from Austria only )

Further information for international applicants