Three new projects funded by Federal Ministry of Education and Research go to TUM

In November, three new projects in the field of battery research under lead of TUM will start. The projects are part of the new BMBF competence clusters for analytics/quality assurance (AQua) and are funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) with a total of €4.2 million. In the projects AQua - OperaXX and AQua - PoP the Chair of Technical Electrochemistry (TEC) is working on the elucidation of aging mechanisms of novel cathode active materials via operando XAS/XES, as well as the development of in-situ and operando methods for material chemical and electrochemical characterization and analysis of future anode and cathode active materials for Li-ion batteries.
The project AQua - HysKaDi is a cooperation of the chairs Electrical Energy Storage Technology (EES) and Technical Electrochemistry (TEC). Within the project active materials of the next generation, such as silicon for the anode and lithium- and manganese-rich NCMs for the cathode are investigated for their hysteresis effects.