Current H2-activities at Bauhaus Luftfahrt

Hydrogen as a key element of future fuel supply is the main focus of several recent studies conducted at Bauhaus Luftfahrt

As a think tank for aviation, the interdisciplinary team of experts at Bauhaus Luftfahrt (BHL) aims to shed light onto a range of topics from various angles and perspectives and, consequently, obtain a holistic understanding of new technologies and their potentials. This approach is also reflected by the broad scope of recent BHL conference contributions to the 10th International Conference on Life Cycle Management and the 11th International Conference of the European Aeronautics Science Network, centering around hydrogen as a key element of future aviation fuel supply. The studies’ foci range from novel methodology in life cycle analysis of renewable fuels considering the influence on the Sustainable Develeopment Goals, over the use of hydrogen in a gas turbine – fuel cell  hybrid propulsion concept, to aspects of fuel cell health management in aeronautic applications.

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