Application for a Doctorate at MSE

Doctoral degrees and types of doctorates

At the MSE it is possible to gain the doctoral degrees Dr. Ing. and Dr. rer. nat. (with the involvement of the relevant TUM faculties).

Various types of doctorates are available: as a research associate, with a scholarship, external doctorate or guest doctorate. About the types of doctorates

Requirements for application

The requirement for taking up doctoral studies at TUM is an above-average degree (Diplom, Magister or master’s) from a university, an equivalent public examination or a master’s examination from a university of applied sciences.

“Above-average” means that the overall grade or rating must be at least 2.5 or “good”.
In exceptional cases, your qualification can be demonstrated by means of scientific achievements accomplished after you completed your degree such as publications. MSE decides on whether to recognize certificates.

In the case of degrees from foreign universities, the final grade and equivalence will be verified by the Examination Office at TUM: Recognition procedure for foreign university degrees.

You will find further information on admission requirements in §§ 1-5 of the TUM Doctoral Regulations (PDF, 1.1MB).


The application for a doctorate comprises a number of stages:

  • Find a subject for your doctoral thesis, a supervisor and a mentor
  • Secure financing
  • Contact the responsible graduate center
  • Register online at
  • Complete and sign a supervision agreement in cooperation with supervisor and mentor
  • Have your name entered into the doctoral candidacy list

All stages are explained here: Application procedure for doctorates at TUM

Supervisor and mentor

At the start of the application process, all doctoral candidates choose a person who will support them in identifying a topic, help them address any subject-specific issues relating to the doctoral project and be willing to act as a supervisor. For this purpose, prospective doctoral candidates get in contact with authorized examiners at the relevant chairs.

A supervision agreement is concluded with the supervisor. This is the requirement for admission to a doctorate at TUM. The agreement governs the relationship between supervisor and doctoral candidate and can be adapted at a later stage.

In addition to their supervisor, all doctoral candidates also choose a mentor. Doctoral candidates are free to determine how this person supports them. Mentors can help doctoral candidates with their project at the subject level and at the personal level, but they can also provide support in networking and career planning as well as assisting in difficult situations or helping doctoral candidates settle into academic life.

A mentor can be anyone who has demonstrated their capacity for independent scientific work, normally by having completed a doctorate themselves.

Entry into the doctoral candidacy list

The last stage of the application or admission process is entry into the doctoral candidacy list, which is required of all doctoral candidates. Here, it is necessary to submit an application using the online portal DocGS. The application also has to be printed out and submitted to MSE along with the necessary documents.

The following documents are required:

  • Signed application form
  • Signed Supervision Agreement (PDF, 122KB)
  • Master’s transcript (certified copy)
  • Master’s certificate (certified copy)
  • Proof of identity

If you are applying with an international degree the following documents are required in addition:

  • Translation of your university diploma from an officially certified translator in German or English
  • A summary of your master thesis in German and English
  • Your CV with details of your education to date
  • Should you be applying with a Bachelor degree, you will be required to certify that you were one of the top five graduates in your year

By entering the doctoral cancidacy list all doctorate candidates automatically become members of the TUM graduate school. 

Enrollment and guest status

Once you have been admitted to a doctorate and have been entered into the doctoral candidacy list, you can either enroll at TUM or obtain guest status.

  • Enrollment incurs a fee but includes all the advantages of student status, e.g. eligibility for the semester ticket and general discounts. It is voluntary for doctoral students and subject to a maximum of six semesters.

    You do not have to submit your degree transcript and certificate again for the purpose of enrollment.
  • Guest status does not incur any costs. It is mainly recommended for external doctoral candidates or those taking cooperative doctoral programs. As a guest you are issued with a guest account for using IT services at TUM.

    Please contact the MSE Graduate Center to apply for guest status.