Additional Offerings for Doctoral Candidates

In addition to the mandatory elements of the qualification program there are various voluntary additional offerings for doctoral candidates that enhance both their professional and personal development, thereby supporting their doctoral project.

Additional Offerings


International dialog is essential in science. For this reason, TUM promotes international and intercultural collaboration between doctoral candidates already during their doctorate.

Internationalization grant for internal doctoral candidates

  • Doctoral candidates can receive funding of up to EUR 1,600 from the TUM Graduate School to cover travel expenses, accommodation costs and attendance fees for the following activities:
    • Research visits to a scientific institute or research-based industrial company abroad (generally speaking at least two weeks)
    • Presentation of the doctoral candidate’s own scientific results at conferences and symposiums abroad
    • Attendance at specialist international summer/winter schools, workshops, etc.
    • Invitation of scientists from abroad so as to be able to engage in joint research at TUM as well as travel expenses for examiners to take part in the doctoral candidates’s oral examination
  • Doctoral candidates who are entered in the doctoral candidacy list after January 1, 2014 are eligible for additional financial support of up to EUR 1,400 for research visits of at least four weeks at a time to a scientific institute or research-based industrial company abroad.

Full details on the internationalization support for doctoral candidates.

Further information on funding for international activities of doctoral candidates.

Application for Internationalization Grant

You can apply for funding in DocGS. However, you must have had your mandatory feedback review with your supervisor first.

To obtain funding as part of the EuroTech Universities Alliance you must apply directly to the TUM Graduate School.

Internationalization grant for external doctoral candidates

External doctoral candidates (who are financed by a company) won't get an internationalization grant. Doctoral candidates from the ATF-Forum count as internal ones for the internationalization grant. An internationalization grant can be claimed in each quarter of the year (dates: no later than 31st March, 30th June, 30th September or 31st December) at the Graduate School.

The Graduate Centers submit herefor a ranking (Date of the Graduate Center MSE: respectivly one month earlier than the date of the Graduate School). First of all the Graduate Center will decide wether the funding is eligible. After this the eligible applications will be ranked.

Decision on funding eligibilty:

  • Conference / Summer School / Winter School / Research stay is in focus of the MSE
  • Doctoral candidates who work in big companies principally won't be funded
  • Documents have to be submitted completely

Criteria (in decreasing order):

  • Own Lecture
  • Research stay (duration)
  • Summer School with active participation
  • Poster

Required documents to be submitted at the Graduate Center of the MSE:

  • Application form (signed)
  • List of publications
  • CV
  • Letter of motivation
  • Support form of the supervisor at the TUM
  • Support form of the supervisor at the company
  • Confirmation that the costs can't be beared otherwise
  • References to the Event

Specialist and Generic Qualifications

As part of their program, doctoral candidates are required to attend courses amounting to six hours per week per semester. Above and beyond this mandatory requirement, there are additional offerings that allow students to gain valuable skills.

English Proof-Reading Service

In order to assist you with your publications, the TUM Graduate School offers professional, subject-related correction of scientific articles written in English. The proof-reading service is provided free of charge for members of the TUM Graduate School. A maximum of two articles can be submitted for proof-reading.

The service comprises the following:

  • Proof-reading by English native speakers
  • Correction of spelling and style
  • Proof-reading by an expert from a related discipline
  • Text is returned within three working days
  • Comments in correction mode in Word or PDF

Prerequisites for using the proof-reading service:

  • Article for a scientific journal involving peer review or a conference with conference proceedings
  • The applicant must be the principal author/lead author
  • The article is ready for printing apart from proof-reading

Further information on the proof-reading service

Application for Proof-Reading Service

You can apply to use the proof-reading service through the MSE Graduate Center. Please submit your article as a Word file.

Download Proof-Reading Service Application Form

Writing Consultancy Provided by the Language Center

The TUM Language Center offers the opportunity to have texts in English reviewed, including improvement of style. In a 45-minute session it is possible to go through up to five pages of text together for proof-reading purposes. Information on English writing consultancy

The Language Center also offers a writing consultancy service for German as a foreign language.

Initiative Funds

As a member of the Faculty Graduate Center Mechanical Engineering, you may apply for funding by the Graduate Center for any project, as long as it conforms with the Graduate Centerʼs aims. Funding may be provided to support an individual or to fund a project which will benefit a group of doctoral candidates.

Please submit your application form at least one month before the following deadlines: 31.3., 30.6., 30.9., 31.12.. Fulfilling the following criteria will favour a research grant:

  • The project is in focus of the MSE and it supports the visibility of the MSE
  • Results are going to be published on the MSE-Colloquium
  • Funding required to encourage the exchange of scientific knowledge between the faculties
  • Funding required to foster the quality and interdisciplinary aspects of scientific research

The following criteria will not favour a research grant:

  • Costs incurred for activities which are regarded as key functions of the institutes (teaching, research) or which could be covered by funding for a third-party project
  • The possibility of funding from other sources
  • Projects and activities which will primarily be for the benefit of people who are not members of the Faculty Graduate Center

Required documents:

  • Application of the doctoral candidate (signed)
  • Description of the project: timetable and working parts
  • List of the estimated costs
  • List of further possible funds
  • Confirmation of the chair holder, that the project isn't part of the key functions of the chair and that it can't be funded by a third party initiative.