Open Positions


HiWi - Electrical workshop

Electrical installations - wiring of distribution cabinets, sensor connections to control unit etc in CoSES. 
Duration - 40h total


  • Knowledge of electrical workshop and tools
  • Prior experience as an electrician


  • Opportunity to work in the construction of a Microgrid laboratory
  • Possibility to extend the contract
  • Flexible hours


Vedran Peric

Student work

Unsolicited applications from motivated and knowledgeable students are always welcome. Please send in your research proposal (not mandatory) and your documents (motivation letter, CV, grade report, relevant experience certificate) to

Bachelor / Master thesis / Research internship

1. Development of a Modelica Microgrid Simulation Model - BA / MA

2. Development of Dynamic Microgrid Model in DigSilent PowerFactory - BA / MA

3. Microgrid Dynamic Model Reduction Techniques - MA

4. Real-Time Inertia Estimation in Power Systems - MA

5. CoSES State Estimation - MA

6. Compilation of a Modelica Generated Code for Real-time Applications -IDP

7. Labview Implementation of PMUs for Distribution Systems - MA

8. Smart metering in CoSES lab - BA / MA

9. Adaptive configuration of a Microgrid control software - VeriStand System Definition File - MA

10. Analysis of an off-grid microgrid project for electrification in Namibia with Hardware in the loop (HIL) simulation - MA

11. Local Thermal Energy Markets - MA / BA / FP

12. Commissioning and characterization of a prototype bidirectional heat transfer station - MA / BA / FP

BA - Bachelor thesis; MA - Master thesis; FP - Research internship; IDP - Interdisciplinary Project


CoSES microgrid lab is currently offering a variety of student internships/ praktikum/ forschungpraxis/ semesterarbeit for interested candidates with a background in electrical, mechanical engineering and MSE disciplines.

The work shall provide an unique opportunity to mix theoritical knowledge with practical hands-on expereince in the field of micro-grid laboratory installation, combined heat and power grid construction and other similar tasks integral to the smooth fucntioning of a test grid.

Prior exposure to electrical and mechanical workshop is preferable but not mandatory.


Vedran Peric