Center for Combined Smart Energy Systems

The Center for Combined Smart Energy Systems (CoSES) bundles the expertise of the TUM for research on energy systems. The aim is to develop viable concepts to integrate a large proportion of renewable and distributed energy sources into the existing energy system. The center pursues an integrated approach which not only considers electricity, but also heat, traffic and communication. The CoSES collaborates with partners from industry and other scientific institutions to jointly work on the research projects. The achieved results will not only be published in the scientific community but will be communicated to politics, industry and society.


As a part of the Munich School of Engineering, the CoSES is a central platform for joint research on future energy systems. The integrated approach is reflected by the participating chairs and the resulting subprojects. To ensure the balance, the CoSES is jointly directed by the heads of the participating chairs:

As an open research group we intend further cooperations within the TUM, with industrial partners and further research institutes. Currently the CoSES is structured into five subprojects:

  • SP1: Electrical Energy Supply
  • SP2: Thermal Energy Supply
  • SP3: Communication Technology
  • SP4: Control Engineering
  • SP5: Energy Management

The scientists working in the subprojects are appointed by the different chairs. In 2017 CoSES and  MSE moved into a new building, the Center for Energy and Information (ZEI). An experimental microgrid lab will open here in July 2019.