3rd Winter School of the Graduate Center MSE and the Graduate Center WZW

Food and Energy 

  • February 13 - 17, 2017

  • Costs: Single room 520 € p.p. / Double room 484 € p.p.

  • Who: 30 participants (Ph.D. candidates; post graduates)

  • Requirements: Interest in sustainable development and energy questions, agriculture, food processing or distribution, interested in energy accounting methods of complex processes

Energy is necessary to grow, harvest, process, refine, transport and distribute food and in the end to prepare the dishes. The winter school “Food and Energy” will give a solid introduction into this connection and teach methods to estimate the energy demand in the food sector. The winter school will be divided in three major parts: Agrochemical and energy, food processing and energy and energy in the food retail sector.  

The Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) estimates that 30 % of the global energy consumption is used within the food sector, making it to one of the big demand sectors. Poor access to energy means of course that also food preparation is challenged. The winter school will first present a general overview in the food chain and will give then insights to the above mentioned production steps. Different energy accounting methods will be described and practised in the school. Speakers from academia and industry will be invited. At the end of the school participants should have a solid understanding of the nexus between food and energy, should be able to sketch possible solutions to reduce the energy consumption in a globally growing sector and should understand how more sustainable energy sources can be used in the food sector.

Registration deadline: January 1st, 2017. Please send your application (including CV & abstract of your research topic) to Ms. Natalie Mayer (graduiertenzentrum@mse.tum.de).

For more information on the detailed outline of the event including lectures, topics and a tentative schedule, please click here. The poster for the Winter School 2017 can be found here.